Spheronizer with Temperature control

Spheronizer with Temperature controlA Fully integrated Continuous drug pelletization system consisting Extruder (Axial | Cone | Dome | Radial | Die Roller | Basket extruder etc.) with twin bucket weight assembly and with spherodizer for continuous pelletization, suitable for Large ascale production of pellets. This System fully integrates the extrusion and twin spheronization processes for converting drug formulations into free flowing spheres of controlled shape and sizes from 300 top large micron pellet sizes as desired.

Spheronizer is a batch process with approx one batch taking 3-6 minutes in an hour we can have 10-12 batches Spheronizer is available from R&D to Production level batches with minimum 50 gms to maximum 300 kgs /hr capacity. Spheronizer is cGMP complied equipments with self standing model for Production scale & table top model for R&D scale HMI control operation with built in electrical panel for ease in maintenance. Higher version of Marumerizer comes along with Scada & 21 CFR Part 11 module with report options and online printing of day to day activity carried on the equipment.