Production Scale Temperature Controlled Extrusion & Spheronization

Production Scale Temperature Controlled Extrusion & SpheronizationContinuous Extruder and spheronizer as Bucket assembly is on load cell for weighing the extrudes prior to dropping the extrudes into the spheronizer it is like a intermediate storage system where the extrudes get collected because spheronization is a batch process which takes 3-6 minutes to convert extrudes in to pellets.

Continuous Extruder and spheronizer is a compact design equipment with production capacity of 150 kgs of pellets per hour on continuous basis. In consist of 75 ltrs hopper on the top with rotating arm to push material into the feed hopper of extrusion chamber consisting 02 rollers with a 0.3mm gap in between them one is perforated (Die Roller) and second is knurling the material is pressed in between them and through the perforation extrudes get discharged into bucket assembly.