Low Compaction Radial Extruder

Low Compaction Radial ExtruderRadial extruder is used for the conversion of dough material and wetted powders in uniform size granules by adding binders. These extruders are immensely used in ceramics, herbals, polymers, catalysts, food, sugar industries and pharmaceutical industries. The radial extruder designed by Umang Pharmatech has features such as long operational life , unmatched quality , integrated unit.

Extruder has either single or twin screws, depending on the output required which transfers the materials to the flat die. The thickness of the die can be provided as different thickness to deliver a range of compressive energies..Range available from 0.7 to 5 mm with varying thickness up to 5 mm. Umang manufactures Different models in extruders such as axial extruder, Die Roller extruder, Cone extruder, Basket Extruder, Radial extruder.

Radial screw extruders use semi-cylindrical screens along each side of the counter rotating screws, combined with, more or less, conical extrusion heads. Typical for the radial extruders is that they have "overflow", which means that a certain amount of product passes the extrusion area without being pushed through the screens. This overflow material leaves the machine at the front end. Compared to other extruder technologies, these radial extruders produce granules with a medium density and medium hardness.